Metro Hospital with a desire to invest in Social Determinants of Health

Connect patients without access to transportation to telehealth or free transportation services

Hatchways are like pathways…
but smart.

Healthcare Organization sets goals
Reduce no-show rates, decrease unnecessary Emergency Department visits, and invest in Social Determinants of Health initiatives.
Identify sub-set of patient population
Patients living in a zip code under the poverty level, who are uninsured or on a Medicaid plan. Most likely lacking access to transportation.
Hatch’s Technical Workflow
When a patient is seeking care online, if any of the patient criteria is met, automatically offer telehealth, free transportation, or UberHealth.

Build your own Hatchway…

Hatch works across the care continuum, regardless of specialty, patient type, or technical infrastructure. Contact us to see the Hatchway that works best for you!