Meet the
Hatch Team

We put our customers first, so you can put your patients first

The Hatch Story

Hatch started in 2011 with the belief that all patients struggling with behavioral health disorders deserved access to high-quality care regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status. Spurred by the pandemic and the growing need to address labor shortages, health deserts, and healthcare organizations’ financial shortfalls, Hatch expanded its focus to connecting all patient types to all access points.
Today, Hatch is how healthcare organizations can finally get every patient in the right place. This way, patients get the optimal level of care, and healthcare organizations can maximize their strategies for growth.

Leadership Team

Gerry Andrady


Justin Hoffman

VP of Implementations

April John, MD

VP of Product

Brent Offner

SVP Technology

Adam Peebles

President & CGO

Thomas Stephenson

VP of Growth