Drive patients to the right provider, drive real ROI

Don’t match patients with just any provider. Match them with the right provider.
Patient coordination drives real business impact
Retained/Acquired Patients who would have gone to a competitor
Low-acuity patients redirected from going to the Emergency Department
In net-new revenue by coordinating care
Before Hatch
Struggle to optimize existing capacity
Manually connect patients with the next phase of care
Provider and administrator shortage
After Hatch
Save back-office and clinician time
Automate care journeys across the continuum
Improve patient retention and engagement
Before Hatch
Scheduling takes days or weeks
Call center employee randomly picks clinician
PCP’s refer to competing organizations
After Hatch
Streamlined way to ingest PCP referrals
Automatically schedule at point of care
Patient is matched based on pre-set criteria
Before Hatch
Struggle to inform patients of ideal care settings
Manual processes to coordinate care
High emergency room costs because delayed care
After Hatch
Engage vulnerable populations in real-time
Influence member decisions to low cost, high quality providers
Increase preventative care appointments
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